Our Services

Mt. Hope Cemetery is pleased to announce that it has become the first full service cemetery in central and northern Maine with the addition of a garden mausoleum to provide our clientele with above ground burial in a classical setting. For many, entombment here makes the passing of loved ones an easier transition to accept than is the conventional beneath ground burial with which we are all familiar.

The concept of mausoleum entombment is not new. It is as old as recorded history beginning with early cave dwellers and extending across the ages to embrace the glorious tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs, the pyramids, and the graceful Taj Mahal of Agra. Since colonial times mausoleum burial has been accepted in many parts of this country. The new edifice offers several arrangements for families, couples and individuals. In addition to the conventional crypts, one wall is devoted exclusively to niches for cremains, the ashes of cremation.

Ask your funeral director to tell you more about the mausoleum or, if you prefer, stop by our offices at the cemetery for further information.


Following you will find a general list of prices for our services. Feel free to contact our office for further information in regards to pricing and availability.

Burial (Earth Burial Lots)
Prices start at $500 per grave and up.

Burial (Cremation Lots)
Prices start at $450 per grave and up.

Romanesque Columbarium 1
Single with nameplate - $1,424.75
Double with nameplate - $2,385.95

Romanesque Columbarium 2
Single with nameplate - $1,674.75
Double with nameplate - $2,874.75

Prices start at $2670 for single crypts
Prices start at $4390 for companion crypts.

Cremation Urns
Prices start at $60.00 and up.

Bronze Flag Holder
$49.95 plus 5.5 % ME Sales Tax. (Service Marker, Service Insigina & Stake)

Memorial Lights
$75.00 plus 5.5 % ME Sales Tax. Candle refills available $4.50 each or $50.00 per dozen plus 5.5 %  ME Sales Tax.

Bronze Memorial Grave Markers
Prices starting at $450 and up. Plus 5.5 %  ME Sales Tax.