Mausoleum Rules

These Rules and Regulations are adopted for the common protection of the owners of all lots, single graves, crypts and niches and the preservation of the natural beauty of the cemetery grounds.

All owners and visitors within the cemetery, and all lots, single graves, crypts, niches, and other interment space conveyed, shall be subject thereto and to such other rules and regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by the Executive Committee from time to time; and the reference to these Rules and Regulations in the deeds, grants, contracts, or other instruments issued by the Executive Committee of the Mt. Hope Cemetery Corporation shall have the same force and effect as if they were set forth in full therein.

The payments for a crypt or niche space shall include the cost of all inscriptions and the opening and closing charge for entombments and inurnments. Entombments and inurnments shall be made during normal working hours, except for those done on Saturday and Sunday when there will be an extra charge, and none will be done on holidays.

1. Sales or transfers other than by gift, inheritance or devise of mausoleum crypts and niches by the owners thereof will not be permitted, except as outlined in the Corporation's Rules and regulations under transfer of lots.

2. No entombments or inurnments shall be permitted in any crypt or niche in the mausoleum until all payments due the corporation have been made.

3. All entombments and inurnments must be made subject to the rules and regulations of the corporation and all federal,
state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

4. Only one body or one cremated remains per crypt or niche will be allowed.

5. The container for cremated remains to be inurned shall be of bronze or other material approved by the corporation and
shall be of a size suitable for the niche. SIZE 11 1/2 " x 11 1/2" x 10" deep.

6. The crypt front opening is 32" wide by 26" high, it becomes the owner's responsibility to make certain that the dimensions of the casket to be entombed does not exceed 30" wide by 24" high.

7. No removal or disentombment of remains from a crypt or niche in the mausoleum will be permitted except upon written order of the appropriate heirs of the person whose remains are to be moved or disentombed, or upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction and except upon full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and the rules and regulations of the corporation.

8. No entombment or inurnment in a crypt or niche in the mausoleum shall be permitted except upon written order of
the record owner of the rights of entombment or inurnment in such space, or if such record owner be deceased or otherwise unavailable, upon such appropriate evidence as may be required by the corporation that the person whose remains are to be entombed or inurned has been designed for entombment or inurnment by the record owner.

9. Entombment and inurnment will be made during normal interment hours and conditions.

10. The corporation shall not be liable for the identity of the body or cremains to be entombed or inurned.

11. Inscriptions on crypt or niche fronts shall be carried out by a firm selected by the corporation. No titles or fraternal emblems are allowed.

12. All removals and disentombments shall be done by or under the supervision of the corporation's personnel. The corporation will exercise reasonable care in making a removal, but it assumes no liability for damage to any casket or burial case or urn occurring in the process of making a removal.

13. No removal or disentombment shall be permitted on days on which an entombment or inurnment is scheduled.

14. Floral memorials will be removed whenever they are unsightly or at the discretion of the Superintendent or his represnt-
ative. The corporation will assume no responsibility for the safekeeping of any floral memorial or container.

15. At times other than an entombment or inurnment, floral memorials shall be confined to fresh cut flowers displayed in a crypt or niche vase, attached to the crypt or niche front. No ornamentation, structural change, or addition shall be made on or about any crypt or niche, and the corporation reserves the right to remove any such ornamentation or correct any such alteration at the expense of the owner without being deemed guilty of any manner of trespass.

16. Artificial flowers or decorations are not permitted and will be placed at any crypt or niche and if so placed, will be removed immediately.

17. If a crypt shall become vacant by the removal without the consent of the Executive Committee of remains entombed or
therein, all rights of the owner in said crypt shall revert to the corporation.

18. If an owner shall purchase an interment space of equal or greater value from the corporation, the original price for the crypt or niche will be allowed in part payment for the said space, less cost of replacing the crypt or niche front panel.

19 If the crypt of niche be destroyed or damage for any reason, the corporation may cause any remains entombed or inurned therein to be either promptly interred elsewhere in the cemetery or delivered on written request to the owner or representative of the crypt or niche in which they were entombed or inurned, or temporarily placed in a receiving tomb pending restoration of the crypt or niche and upon restoration re-entombed or re-inurned therein, in such case as the Executive Committee of the corporation shall determine in view of the extent of the destruction or damage to the entombed or inurned remains, to the crypt or niche, the structure containing it, and crypt garden itself and the advisability of restoration.

20. Crypts and niches may be purchased on such pre-need deferred payment sales agreements as the Executive Committee may approve from time to time. Such agreements shall contain, so far as applicable, the provisions relative to assignment and default which are included in agreements for the sale of lots on an installment basis.

21. Except with the written approval of the corporation no entombment or inurnment shall be permitted in any crypt
or niche for which full payment has not been received, nor shall any inscription be made upon the shutter.

22. The corporation reserves the right to correct any errors made by it in granting any crypt or niche either by substituting other interment property of like kind, equal value similar location, so far as possible, or as may be selected by the corporation, or by refunding the amount of money paid on account of said purchase.

23. No body or cremains shall be received for entombment unless it be contained in a substantially constructed casket, urn
or other suitable container. The Superintendent or his representative shall have full authority to refuse to accept
for entombment or inurnment any casket or urn for cremains deemed unsuitable.

24. A crypt or niche is not a lot, nor do two or more adjacent crypts or niches constitute a lot. The owner of one or more crypts or niches is not a lot owner.

25. The grant of entombment or inurnment right in a crypt or niche gives only a right or privilege of the entombment of
human remains and inurnment of cremated remains, the ownership in fee to the land and the structure remaining always
in the corporation.